Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Name Or Enrollment Number

Check Aadhar Card Status Online By Name and Enrollment Number

Hello Amazing People, We know that Many People want to Know the Full Procedure about how they can Download their Aadhar Card or How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online after Filling up Aadhar Card Application Form ? So, Your wait is Over. In this Post, We are Going to Discuss Everything about How you can Check your Aadhar Card Status Online Easily Without taking Anyone’s Help. To check your Aadhar Card Status You need only a few Things Like Your Aadhar Number , Internet Connection, Registered Mobile Number that’s it.

As we all Know that Aadhar Card is Important ID Proof like PAN card and PASSPORT. In India Aadhar Card is 12 Digit Number and Identity Proof given by Government of India also Called as E-Aadhar. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency. Here is a Simple Process to Get Your Aadhar Card in Easy Steps.

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  • In the First Step Fill Up the Aadhar Application Form at Your Nearest Aadhar Card Kendra. (They will Give you Application Number after Filling up Application Form)
  • Now You have your EID and Aadhar Number.
  • In a Next Step Go to UIDAI Official Site HERE.
  • Select Aadhar Number or EID then Enter Captcha.
  • Then Click on Check Status and BOOM you will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

Now, Let’s Discuss this Steps in Detail to How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

In this Section, You will Get to Know that how to check Adhaar Card  Status / Enrollment, How to track Your Aadhar card Enrollment Status and How to check Adhaar card Status Online by Name and EID Number. If You want to check Your Aadhar Card Status, You can Go to (Official Website) or

Now, You can check Your Aadhar card Status either by Internet or SMS. If you want to get your Aadhar Card Status using these methods, You should have your Enrollment Number(EID) and Date / time of your Aadhar Enrollment Give in the Application Form.

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Check Aadhar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

Now If you have Aadhar Number then Just Follow the Simple and Easy Steps given below.

  • In the first Step Just visit the official website of the UIDAI (unique identification authority of India)

Check Aadhar Card Status

  • Now in UIDAI Website Just look to your Bottom Left of the web Page and you will see many options listed. You are now supposed to click on the “Check Aadhar Status” (SEE ABOVE IMAGE FOR REFERENCE) option that will Redirect you to Another Page. Which Shows like This.

Check Aadhar Card Status

  • In the New Window You can see it Looks Like Above Image Put Your Enrollment ID in the EID Box and Your Date / time of enrollment in the next box (You will find enrollment Number and Date/time of enrollment on the slip given to you at the time of enrollment while filling up the Application Form at On of the Aadhar Card Kendra.)
  • In the next step, You can see some Codes. It’s Called Captcha Code. Now Fill up the Captcha Code Given in the Captcha Field. Put the text given in the image in the Box of Captcha.
  • Now, After Filling up the Details Just Click on Check Status tab.

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Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS

If You Don’t have Internet Access or You are Living in a Rural Are Don’t worry You can Still Check your Aadhar Card Status by Sending Simple MESSAGES. To Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS You have to send an SMS or Message to UIDAI and You will get your adhaar status within few seconds. Now follow the Simple Steps given Below to check Aadhar status by SMS in Offline Mode.

Here Note one Thing that You have to Send the SMS by Registered Mobile Number (Mobile Number that is Given by You at the Time of Filling up Aadhar Application Form).

Type SMS Like this: UID STATUS <Your 14-digit Enrollment Number (EID Number)>

Note: All letters Should be Capital with Proper SPACE

Now, Send this SMS to 51969.

You will Recieve an SMS from UIDAI within a Minute.

After Sending the SMS to UIDAI in Respond of Send Message You will get a message like this: “Congratulations, Your adhaar Has been Generated by UIDAI and will be delivered soon.”

Sometimes, You will get a message like this: “Your aadhar is in Process”. Don’t worry It will take some time to generate Aadhar Number.

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Check Aadhaar Card Status Online from is the website of Government to check Aadhar Card Status and all updates about E-aadhar. It’s also Called Kiosk Desk. Follow this Simple Steps on this Website.

  • In the First Step Go to website of Aadhar Card Portal. (SEE THE IMAGE. IT’s LOOK SIMILAR)
  • Now Click on Check Aadhar Status BOX in the Middle Left Screen Option like Highlighted in the Below Image.

Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar Card Status

  • After Clicking on Tab You will Redirect to Next Page Listed about Enrollment ID (EID) in the text box. Select EID Option.
  • Now enter date and time of your enrollment which is specified in your Aadhar enrollment slip which you have got during the time if filling Aadhar Application Form.
  • Now You can See some Combination of Words and Numbers. It’s called CAPTCHA CODE. Enter the Captcha Code in Box Given in the Image.
  • After Filling up all Information Just Click on Check status button.
  • After Clicking You will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

Isn’t this SIMPLE ? Yes! It is.

Now you have Checked Your Aadhar Card Status. It’s time to Download Aadhar Card Online for that Read this Post until the End.

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Download Aadhar Card Online

After Getting your Aadhar Card Status online or offline By SMS you can Download Your Aadhar Card in 2 Simple Methods that is Listed As follows.

  • Download Aadhar Card By EID Number.
  • Download Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number.

Check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment Number

  1. In the First Step Go to Official Website of UIDAI by Clicking HERE.
  2. Now Select the appropriate option from “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)” if you have 14 digit EID number (EID Number Looks Like – xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx) then Select EID Option in the Form.Download Aadhar Card
  3. In the Next Step Fill up all the Data like Your Full Name in the First box of UIDAI Form.
  4. After Entering the Full Name In Second Row Enter Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  5. After Pin Code, You can See an Image Containing combination of Some Text and Numbers, Fill this Captcha Code in 4th Bow.
  6. In Next You can See a Box Written as MOBILE NUMBER. Now in that Box enter Your Mobile Number that is Registered with Unique Identification Authority of India (It’s provided by You at the time of filling Aadhar Form)
  7. In Last Step Press “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP.
  8. After selecting OTP You will Get one Message Containing Some Password and Number. Now Enter that Number in the Last Column or in Step-2 in UIDAI Site Seen Above.

After Entering OTP Kindly CLICK on “VALIDATE & DOWNLOAD” Button to Download your Aadhar card Online. Within a Few Seconds, one window will Pop up asking Download PDF Document Click on SAVE and Download your Aadhar Card in PDF. it’s a SOFT COPY of your Aadhar Card to make it Hard Take out 1 Colour Print Out and Laminate it.


The Procedure to Download Aadhar Card by Using Aadhar Number is Almost Similar to Previous Method. Kindly Follow this Steps to download Aadhar card By UID Number.

  1. Like in First Method in Second Method Go to Official Website of UIDAI by Clicking HERE.
  2. Now Select the appropriate option from “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)” in this Method Select Aadhar Option and Enter 12 digits Aadhar Number (UID NUMBER LOOKS LIKE THIS – xxxx/xxxx/xxxx) in the Field.
  3. After Choosing Aadhar Number Option, enter Your Full Name in the First bow of UIDAI Form.
  4. After Entering the Name In the Second bow Enter Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  5. After entering PIN CODE In Next Step You can See an Image Containing Some Text. it’s called captcha code Kindly Fill this Captcha Code in the Box Given.
  6. Now in Next Box Write Your Mobile Number that is Already Registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).
  7. In Last Step Click on “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP.

CONGRATULATIONS !! Now You have Successfully Downloaded your Aadhar Card.

So, this is the Simple and FULL Procedure to Check Aadhar Card Status Online & Offline and After that Detailed Steps to Download Aadhar Card without any trouble.

If you Still have Any Doubt and Facing Problems to Check Aadhar Card Status or in Downloading Aadhar Card just Write your Problem in Comment Section and We will Surely Solve your Problem as soon as Possible.

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